Mature Content
Not For Sensitive Souls!

Who Else Wants to Drop 10-30 Pounds
and a Few Dress Sizes in the Next 12 Weeks?

This is NOT for everyone.
We are looking for a small group of serious folks who are fed up with how things are.
This is our personal, BOLD guarantee - and we're putting our reputation on the line.
If you are ready for the challenge, take action and register.

Raise your hand if you are SICK and TIRED of struggling with...

  • Trouble spots that just won't go away (Like muffin tops, saddlebags, bat wings and love handles).
  • Embarrassing stomach bulge that doesn't feel good in any clothes.
  • Meat market gyms that make you feel uncomfortable and totally out of place.
  • ​Unrealistic diets that don't work and leave you miserable.
  • ​Having to count calories and deprive yourself of the food you want to eat while everyone else parties.
  • ​Juggling work, kids and life and always putting yourself last.
  • S​tress that makes you store fat, and where you literally feel it eat your insides and leave you with gut rot.
  • ​Frustration caused by lack of results, while others seem to have it easy.
  • ​Having your "sexy pants" hanging up covered in dust and having to wear your "fat pants".
Where are we going with this? 

Why are we being so direct? (Maybe even more so then usual?) 

Because we want to really "weed out the weak"

We want to eliminate the time wasters, tire kickers, half hearted folks who don't really want it bad enough.

Let's be totally honest with each other for a second...

How many of us really, and we mean REALLY want it?

This is so serious that if you really don't want it, save yourself 5 minutes and leave this page.

But if you're still here after that intro, and feel that tugging in your heart, then maybe, just maybe... 

This is for YOU.

This is for the person who...
  • Is tired of trying to avoid catching a glimpse of themselves in the mirror each time they step out of the shower naked.
  • Is sick and tired of counting calories and inputting things into yet another app.
  • Is sick of wearing sweat pants and baggy clothes, not by choice but by force because nothing else fits properly.
  •  ​Is sick and tired of being singled out as "the fat one" at all the social gatherings, family outings or workplace.
  • ​Is sick of hiding out in the house trying to avoid social outings when you'd rather be living your best life.
  • Is sick of feeling like shit day after day, knowing full well you SHOULD feel way better.
  • Is sick of being depressed because they know they deserve better.
Okay, enough is enough already...

Stop beating yourself up, it's not getting you anywhere.

Yep, we aren't where we should - and deserve - to be, but right now, you have a chance to do something about it. 

Today, you can decide to stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop wishing things were different, and start what will soon be known as your best move ever. 

We are looking, with a fine tooth comb, for a small group of people who can reach these 3 essential points below. 

If any of these are a concern, please disregard.

1. You MUST be ready for change. We have a fantastic track record, over the past 2 decades, helping folks of all age ranges, of all levels, achieve their dream goals once and for all. The last thing we want, is for you to come in "with a half effort" and blow our track record. A bit selfish? Maybe. But for your benefit. Be ready, be serious, and be BOLD. 

2. You MUST be comfortable with the investment of $299 for this program. If money is THE deciding factor for you, please don't even apply.  The hard truth is, we all spend way too much money on things we don't really need, and not enough money on things we desperately need. If money is separating you from your goals, this isn't for you.

3. You MUST be able to fit at least two 45 minute sessions a week at our studio. If you think you're going to make huge improvements without putting in sweat equity, this is not for you. 

Now, action time. 

If you are still reading, if your heart is tugging at you, if you've taken our directness and are still coming at us strong, it's time to put that commitment to the BEST YOU to practice, and register for Mission SLIMPossible. 

In 12 short weeks, you will no longer have to deal with any pain your weight is causing you, and be on a journey that will surely change your destiny. That is our guarantee.

It's time for the new true you.

Stop and think for a minute...

Close your eyes, and picture how strong, toned, healthy, fit and sexy you are going to look and feel now that you no longer have to struggle with your weight?

If you are THE ONE, your time is now.

We will see you at the studio, 

Sara-Marie and Al 
What's Included In Mission SLIMPossible
12 Weeks - February 19th to May 10th
 Initial "Wake Up Winning" Workshop
What if - with just a few easy, small adjustments - you can flip the switch, and make your body work for you, instead of against you? What if you could train your subconscious mind to put your body in a fat-melting state automatically? What if you could engage your RAS system to search out solutions, and opportunities, to help you reach your goals faster than ever before - in all areas of life? What if there was a way to, well, just wake up happier? Fortunately, there is a way - and those are the exact secrets we'll be sharing with during the Wake Up Winning workshop on Sunday, February 18th at 3pm. 
 Who's Driving? - Introductory Program
Who’s Driving your Health – Fitness – Career – Stress – Finances and yes, even whether you’re happy or just so-so. Who’s Driving Your Life? Is it your spouse, your boss, your bank? Did you lay a solid foundation in each area or did you do like most people and just leave it all to chance? Honestly, did you ever think that you’d be farther ahead in life by now? If you did, you won’t want to miss this special introductory program. No “fluff”, no “Filler” and no wasting time. This is about winning in life and getting real, measurable results. A powerful workbook that will get you moving in the right direction will also be provided. Bottom line: Health – Fitness – Career – Stress – Finances and of course being happy. If you want to make up for lost time or if you want to get a huge jumpstart, don’t miss this. This workshop will be held on February 25th at 11am. 
 Access To The Full Blue BOLD Fitness Schedule
We have a wide-range of classes, all designed to work together to help you reach your goals in record time. This program is about MAXIMUM results, in minimum time. You'll have access to all the Blue classes listed on the schedule below. They range from super fun HIIT classes, to Kickboxing classes designed to help you relieve stress by beating the crap out of the heavy bags (NO partner contact in the beginner classes, so you're always safe), Cardio Blast classes to get amazing workouts, and even Open Gym times. If you want a full class description, head to www.bold-fitness.ca
 Power Goal Setting Program
This powerful PDF program is the key to many of our powerful success stories. The best part? It works in all areas of your life. Learn how to properly set goals, and have them be magnetically attracted into your life with the power of your internal RAS system. If you've been wandering aimlessly through life, this will be the easiest thing you can do, to help get you focused and in-line with the life you crave. 
 A Full 12 Week, Brand New And Simplified For Real Life Meal Guide
We've been using the same field tested, results proven meal plan for over a decade, for one simple reason, IT WORKS. If you're serious about losing weight forever, this PDF program not only gives you great recipes and a complete plan, but it TEACHES you how it works, so that you can implement it into your every day life, and keep reaping it's many rewards. We've now created a simplified version of our "hardcore meal plan" to help you more easily reach your goals.
 12 Weeks Of Fitness Coaching, Accountability And Support
If you've tried to lose weight before, you probably know how hard it can be to keep yourself on track, but when you're part of the 12 Week Mission, we've got your back. From weekly support check in emails, to weight tracking, to access to our team in the studio to lean on when you need it, we're here for you, and care about your success. 

At The End Of The Day, It's All About YOU.

STEP 1: Personal Information
STEP 2: Billing Information
STEP 3: Payment Information
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:
$299 + tax

ONE TIME OFFER: At BOLD Fitness, we're all about family, and that's why right now, you can check the box above, and add an immediate family member to your registration for only $99 + tax (instead of $299!). You won't find this offer again, and if you skip this, you will not be able to add a family member at this rate again. (they will need to register at full rate). Check the box above, and add an immediate family member for only $99 + tax. A family that trains together, stays together. (Must be 14 and up)

Frequently Awesome Questions
What experience do I need? What if I'm like, reallyyyy out of shape?
That makes us happy, because our goal at Bold Fitness is to show EVERYONE that your goals ARE possible, and it doesn't matter where you are starting from.  One thing you'll learn from our studio, is we have a very strong, empowering member base that uplifts, encourages and supports each other. Our classes are designed to help everyone, from all levels, all ages, and all walks of life access their best life ever. The best classes, of course, to get started in are the Beginner classes, which run Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm. 
What if I'm super shy?
We still love you! The great thing about a class, especially Kickboxing type class, is it's quite easy to "hide in the back" and still get the full benefit of the program! Our classes are coach-led, and designed to make everyone feel welcome and encouraged. You'll never feel out of place, or unwelcome, when you're part of the BOLD Community. 
Is this program okay for, *ahem*, older adults?
Absolutely! In fact, one of our coaches is in his sixties! At the end of the day, we're all here for our own reasons, and we provide a safe space for you to go at your own pace, your own level, to reach your own goals. 
What if I already have a Bold Fitness membership, but still want in?
That's okay! Just let us know, and we'll put your membership on hold for the duration of the program. 
What gear do I need?
Part of our BOLD community of empowering support is that everyone, in all the classes, wears the same club t-shirt, which is our uniform. This keeps us all together, without one persons choice of top intimidating to others. So, a club tee is mandatory, and can be picked up at the studio for only $28. Any regular fitness pant will be great. Note, no shorts.  If you plan on attending the Kickboxing classes, kickboxing gloves and wraps will also be needed. These can be grabbed at the front desk, ranging from $25 to $150. 
When does it start?
Your 12 week Mission SlimPossible starts Monday, February 19th. We'll have our Wake Up Winning Workshop on February 18th at 3pm. We'll be sure to send you all the details you need a few days before the workshop to make sure you're got everything you need to make this the best time of your life. 
What if I have way more than 30 pounds to lose and have been trying without success?
You are at the right place <3 Over the past 20 years (that's 2 decades of successes!), we've perfected our approach, and know exactly what it takes to help you reach your goals. Listen, it's not about being great to start, it's about starting to be great. One step at a time, and you'll see your goals coming to real life (and feel them!). 
Okay, but what if I only have a couple pounds to lose? (or none?)
That's okay too! Here's the thing, our goal is healthy living, and feeling and looking your best. We have many clients that come to us because there's just no better feeling that relieving some pent-up stress on the heavy bag. And it's way better than hitting your co-workers. If you're just looking to try something new, tone up, gain some strength, and have a good time, you'll fit right in with us!

Saying Goodbye To The Family Kickboxing Era, 
And Welcoming A New World Of BOLD FITNESS.

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